I am not sure if you are willing to pay S$780 for a skin care product. Nonetheless, having finished my sample of La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night a while ago, I have nothing but thumbs-up for this power serum!

An anti-aging treatment to be used before bed time, the new Cellular Power Charge Night uses a new combination of Retinol and Oxygen to take advantage of the “recovery mode” our skin assumes while the body is asleep to fortify the skin’s natural renewal functions.

As traditionally Retinol cannot be mixed with oxygen, this product has 2 chambers in the tube that stores the Retinol cream and Oxygen power gel separately. Simply press the pump and the two will be dispensed in equal amount. Mix the cream and gel together with the finger tips and apply to your face and neck. Note that the Cellular Power Charge Night should be used on clean skin, with no other product between the skin and formula.


How much easier can night-time skin care get? Previously, I would be applying my toner, serum followed by moisturizer before sleep. With this product, there is no need for moisturizer unless you have dry skin. I used just a small bean size of the product every night and the mixture gets absorbed very quickly into my skin.

Two things that I noticed after using this serum: better radiance and plumped up skin. My skin is sensitive but the product did not break me out at all and kept my adult acne largely at bay. My pimple scars had also shrunk and appeared less visible.

If you do the maths – the total cost of a bottle of toner together with a good serum and moisturizer could cost at least three to four hundred dollars. The La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night costs S$780 for 40ml – this quantity would probably last at least 4 months – and saves you more than 5 minutes every night.

So, if your main skincare concern is aging and you have not found a suitable skincare solution, do check out La Prairie counters at Takashimaya, Tangs Orchard, Robinsons Centrepoint and Metro Paragon to find out more about this product. I envision this to be almost a must-have for me when I progress to my 40s, when fine lines and wrinkles become a key concern.

最近刚用完La Prairie Cellular Power Charge Night试用装。这抗老化护肤品让肌肤于晚间进行强效的「修护程式」,特色是采用双管包装,将retinol及oxygen二种成份分隔而装。只要轻轻一按,就能取得两种成分适合的分量。使用这产品之前什么护肤品(例如Toner)都不需要抹上。除非您的肌肤非常干燥,否则连润肤霜也能跳过。因此,临睡前只需用上这护肤品,便能达到滋润以及明亮的效果。虽然说价格有些昂贵,一瓶装可用上4个月,算一算又可省下购买toner, serum与润肤霜。因此S$780的价格算贵,但是也不是不合理。

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