So the story began like this… My lips have been very dry and chapped for the past year and I had tried so many different lip balms. Some worked ok, but none really solved the root of the problem. The dry air-conditioned environment in the office didn’t help. My lips could be nursed back to recovery over the weekend and once I returned to the office, these flaky and dry bits would return with vengeance.

One day, over lunch, my colleague spotted my terribly unappealing lips.

“Which lip balm do you use?”

“XXX. (A really fine brand which I shall not name).”

“What? You use XXX* and your lips are still so dry? Can I suggest you try the Eight Hour Cream? I have been using it for years.”

This, my friends, marked the whirlwind beginning of my latest relationship. I had a sample of this product hidden at one corner at home but I had never quite warmed up to it. Nonetheless, I was desperate for a solution and dabbed a little bit of the thick apricot-colored gel which didn’t smell pleasant. The gel made my lips looked a bit glossy but they smoothed and moisturised pretty well.

The following day, my lips were in dream-like perfect state. They were lush and plump. I applied a layer of vermillion lip stick and the colour stayed on without drying my almost perfect pout!

Since then, I have been religiously applying the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant at least twice a day – once in the morning, once at night and sometimes in the afternoon after lunch. I am happy to say that my lips have been successfully restored.

A 50ml tube of this miracle is available at S$40 and there is a new fragrance-free version. Remember to request for a sample at the counter, which is of a decent size for you to use on the go. Alternatively, you could get the small Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick (S$33) – which has a lighter texture and is less glossy – to carry in your purse.

Apparently the Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant is great for moisturizing chapped skin, soothing skin irritations, softening dry cuticles and even smoothening eye brows. I have not tried it for such purposes but for now, I can’t articulate how happy I am to have found this lips saver.

*True story. Some names might have been changed to protect the innocent.

告诉你一个秘密,过去一年,我哪常常龟裂的双唇,给我带来不少困扰。嘴唇常常破皮,很难完美地涂上漂亮的口红。办公室的空调太大,环境太干燥,使到嘴唇干燥破裂的情况非常严重。试过不少护唇膏,往往都无法对症下药。经过朋友的介绍,使用了Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant 。嘴唇不一会儿便完全“康复”。连续用了两个星期,我的双唇问题已经离我越来越远。若您有和一样的困扰,希望这次的介绍对您有些帮助!

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