Yes, you heard it right. NARS, is finally landing in Singapore. Slated to launch at Tangs Orchard Beauty Hall this November, the reputed cosmetics brand has been teasing us with a few of its cult items over the past month.

In this post, I will review the cult products that I have received to prep you for their imminent arrival.

Guess which items I used to create this look?

For those who are not familiar with the packaging of NARS products, all the items are housed in a rubbery packaging. The rubber case looks sleek, is shock absorbent, and non-slip. Nonetheless, you need to store them in a cool, dehumidified environment to avoid a rubber meltdown that could happen when the product starts to age. Product prices in SGD are not available yet. I have included the USD prices as a rough gauge and will update as soon as I receive more local pricing information.

1. Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (US$24)

This is my answer to the oily eyelid problem. I have extremely greasy eyelids that would crease my eye shadow and smudge my eyeliner. With this product, I not only have a smooth canvas to apply my eye colours, my eye liner could last a lot longer. The slim applicator tip makes application really easy. On days when I am just wearing the eyeliner, I could apply a slimmer strip of the eyeshadow base with ease before I use the eyeliner pencil.

Rating: Must Buy.

2. Duo Eyeshadow – Alhambra (US$34)

The duo eyeshadow are slightly shimmery, finely milled and highly pigmented. It applies on my lids (that are prepped with the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base) like a breeze and blends rather effortlessly. Alhambra is a very neutral colour selection that works better as a highlighter. The two shades – metallic rose mist and golden champagne – didn’t differentiate very well under my yellow skintone, in my opinion and I would definitely include a darker brown or copper shade to contour my eyes a bit further.

Rating: Neutral.

3. Blush – Orgasm (US$28)

This is the first thing I knew about NARS. If you were to ask me what you should get from the brand, I would have mentioned the Orgasm blush because I have heard so much raves about it. This pink blusher is able to contour your cheeks and create a defined face shape in a jiffy. NARS describe Orgasm as a “peachy pink with golden shimmer”, while I see it as more pink than peach. I think it looks great on my fair/yellow skin tone, embedded with just the right amount of shimmer that doesn’t make me look shiny after a few hours wear. I appreciate the healthy, iridescent glow on my cheeks!

Rating: Must buy.

4. Yachiyo Kabuki Brush (US$50)

This brush looks like a work of art with its unique tapered hand-spun wisteria handle. Made with soft Pen Goat Hair, this picks up just the right amount of Orgasm (blush) and is effective in contouring the cheekbones. Do you notice how different my cheekbones look as compared to previous LOTDs?

Rating: Maybe.

5. The Multiple – Copacabana (US$39)

The Multiple, as its name suggest, is a multi-use creamy product which you could apply on your cheeks, eyes or lips. The Copacabana shade is packed with a fair bit of shimmers, and is a light, pearly shade. According to NARS, this would work well as a highlighter. I had difficulty applying this product without appearing too greasy on my oily face.  I eventually used it on the upper C area around my eyes – from under the brows to the eye bag area which are “dryer” parts that wouldn’t mind a bit of luminosity. I also dabbed a bit of the Copacabana on my lips to prep it before I use a lighter pink gloss (Turkish Delight).

This product is a little bit tricky for me, although I really love the creamy texture and ease of use. I would probably get it in a darker shade where I could use as an eyeshadow, blusher or lipstick.

Rating: Neutral. Would buy a darker shade.

6. Lip Gloss – Turkish Delight (US$24)

This shade is a pleasant surprise! I hardly use such a light milky pink shade and I am surprised that it actually seems to work well on me! Given my dark natural lip colour, I prepped with some Copacabana – which is a frosty pearl color – before applying the gloss. You could also dab some foundation too before applying the gloss for a milky pink look. The Turkish Delight is a unique shade that is surprisingly delightful and versatile.

Rating: Must buy.

After reading my run-down, which NARS item are you most interested in?

在千呼万唤之下, NARS终于进驻新加坡,于11月在Tangs设立专柜。NARS陆陆续续寄来一些受欢迎的化妆品,本人使用了这些产品,打造以上妆容。当中,本人强力推荐 Orgasm 腮红、眼影打底笔以及Turkish Delight唇蜜。大家对哪个产品最感兴趣呢?

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