I recently came across this series called “Clothes I Hate with Louise Roe” where the setting is in a clothes swap party. Every participant brings in a few pieces of apparels which they would like to swap and Louise Roe, a TV presenter and fashion expert would provide style tips on how to give these clothes a new lease of life.

While some of her advice can be hit or misses, here are some tips that all of us can live by:

  • Own at least a pair of nude heels or platforms so that it can “elongate” your legs.
  • To flatten your tummy, invest in a pair of Spanx!
  • For pear shape figures, boot cut jeans are your best friend as they could help trim your silhouette. Make sure they are slightly longer so that the length is perfect when matched with heels. (MsGlitzy.com notes: After all, if you want to pair the longer jeans with flats, all you need is a pack of Hem Gems.)
  • It is far more slimming to wear something fitted and structured than loose and flirty clothes.
  • But, never purchase pieces that do not fit. Confidence is being comfortable.
  • On makeup, less is more. Use it to enhance your best features rather than cover things up.

And here are more tips from her on how to plan a Clothes Swap Party!

Hope you find this useful! I need to cleanse my cluttered wardrobe (how many times have I said this already?!) and do a clothes swap party too. 🙂

大家对时尚导师这概念应该不感陌生。毕竟,《女人我最大》开播多年,也传授不少穿衣心得。最近在Youtube发现来自英国的时尚达人Louise Roe, 就像台湾的Kevin老师一样,与大家分享穿衣哲学。其中一个节目Clothes I Hate让大家拿出想要扔掉或交换的衣服。Louise Roe会帮忙审查,看如何能够为这衣裳注入新生命。她所分享的贴士相当生活化,相信大家都能够用得上。

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