It’s not everyday that the world’s top model and celebrity arrive in Singapore so I was honoured to be able to attend Tyra Banks’ press conference at Resorts World on Sunday morning.

The celebrity, who created, produced and hosted reality show “America’s Next Top Model“, was in Singapore for the first time to support “Asia’s Next Top Model“.

Tyra was in a cheerful mood and chatted first on her impression of Singapore. She compared her suite on SQ to a boat and apparently her suite (I presumed she was referring to the one on A380) is bigger than her dorm at Harvard where she completed her 3-year Owner/President Management Program. She then shared her views on ANTM’s engagement in social media, the current IT model, as well as the unhealthy trend of casting skinny girls.

I am personally quite inspired by Tyra’s mission to help and empower young women. She started a foundation known as TZONE, whose purpose is to develop teenage girls’ independence and self-esteem. While ANTM is entertaining, and appears cruel on screen at times, it has indeed helped many aspiring models fulfilled their dreams, as well as educated TV viewers on the modeling industry.

What is your impression of Tyra Banks? I think she is cool!

PS: Remember to check out photos of the press conference on my Facebook album.

美国第一名模Tyra Banks日前莅临新加坡。本人在记者会上捕捉了不少镜头,供大家欣赏。对Tyra Banks的影响不是很深,只记得她在”America’s Next Top Model“这节目里头往往非常严苛,看起来不好相处。这次在记者会上,听到她对于模特儿领域的看法,以及她开创”America’s Next Top Model“节目的目的与原动力,不禁对她的热忱与理想肃然起敬。大家看过视频后,是否有同感?

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