There are new products that I have been using recently and I would like to take the opportunity to share them with you. Here’s a glimpse of the products I used to create a Look of the Day.

(Clockwise from left) Rouge Dior Nude in Shade 169 Grège, Maquillage True Eye Shadow in GR761, NARS Lipstick in Jungle Red, Lancôme Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara (Waterproof), Lancôme Liner Plume in 01 Noir.

First of all, I would like to introduce the Lancôme Liner Plume (S$42) and Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara (S$50). I applied the eyeliner and mascara on my left eye and left the right eye untouched. The difference is evident, right?

For ladies who love to wear thicker eyeliner, the very fine Japanese liquid eyeliner pen might be a bit tedious for you. The felt-tip Lancôme Liner Plume draws a palatable, thicker line with a lot of ease and builds up easily. I usually wear an eyeshadow base underneath and the eyeliner holds up rather well on my oily eyelids.

As for the Hypnose Doll Eyes Mascara, I have finally managed to grab hold of the waterproof version! The non-waterproof one was a disaster with me resembling Kaikai and Jiajia (new Chinese pandas in Singapore). The waterproof mascara is a total different story – it lengthened the lashes very well, and is almost smudge-free.

Rouge Dior Nude in 169 Grège (S$45) has a meaningful story because Natalie Portman, the current face of Dior Beauty ads, is also the ambassador of Free The Children Association, a charity founded to help children confronted with poverty and exploitation. Profits from this new Rouge Dior Nude in 169 Grège will be donated to Free The Children Association to support a study grant fund for the secondary education of girls in Kenya.

The entire Rouge Dior Nude range, that was launched in September, consists of 10 different nude shades that depict natural feminine, luminous lips. Only the flagship shade 169 Grège was selected to support the charity efforts.

Last but not least, I got excited because I think I have found the orange-red lipstick that I have been yearning for! It is none other than NARS Jungle Red lipstick (price unavailable). I love the opaque, matte texture of this rouge. This is indeed an awesome colour for ladies with warm or yellow skin undertone. Can’t wait to wear this colour out more often!

想要打造又大又迷人的双眸,一点儿也不难。使用蓝寇新出炉的Liner Plume 眼线笔 (S$42), 能够轻易画出明显干净的眼线,突出眼睛的轮廓。而该品牌的 Hypnose Doll Eyes 防水睫毛膏(S$50)能够将眼睫毛伸长,创造娃娃眼。本人最近也特别喜欢Rouge Dior Nude 169 Grège 裸棕色唇膏 (S$45)。Dior国际代言人Natalie Portman亲自挑选这个颜色,而Dior 将把#169 Grège 裸棕色唇膏的全球收益捐献给儿童公益计划, 作为肯亚女子中学教育基金。若您目前正在寻觅一直裸色唇膏,不妨考虑这#169颜色(Rouge Dior Nude共有10种颜色),可为慈善出一分力。之前,本人寻觅橘红色唇膏许久,最近终于发现了NARS Jungle Red唇膏,颜色正是我所梦寐以求的!这经典橘唇色,适合黄色肌肤的女生,待 NARS11月份进驻新加坡Tangs美容区时,大家不妨去查询一下。


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