August was a pretty relaxed month with 2 public holidays.  On the hand, I have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of September as I will be off to France for two weeks in the later part of the month!

[6 August 2012] This Kate Spade New York iPhone case is just what I need for my trip to Paris! [link]

[13 August 2012] I really enjoyed this Spice Girls (Moms) performance at the London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony. Did you? [link]

[18 August 2012] This Dior limited edition eye-shadow palette is so charming. Exclusive to Saks Fifth Avenue only. Oui! [link]

[20 August 2012] Candy bags again! Which one is your type of sweet? Maison Martin Margiela on the left and Anya Hindmarch on the right. [link]

[24 August 2012] Good morning! Here is a picture of Fash-Eccentric and I at a #Shiseido event last night. Love the colors of our new @Coach bags. TGIF! [link]

Wishing you a good week/month ahead! I-can’t-wait!

八月过得算是悠闲,九月本人将放两周假期到法国旅游。真的非常期盼!目前正踌躇是否该入手Kate Spade印有巴黎景象的电话壳,也相当喜欢法国品牌Dior为Saks Fifth Avenue限量推出印有神秘法国女子身影的眼影盘。在期待放假之余,会尽量发多几篇文章,借此祝大家有个顺利九月天!

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