Sometimes you may need to attend an event in a compulsory t-shirt that is given to all participants. How to look presentable and chic in an unflattering plain top?

All of us should learn from Gwyneth Paltrow..

Looking chic in her “Stand Up to Cancer” t-shirt with orange skirt, printed heels and cool armswag.

Lana Del Rey matched a t-shirt with a cardigan and skinny jeans. Easy-peasy.

Nicola Roberts matched a plain grey slogan tee with a drama-mama shimmery pants. Match your t-shirt with a pair of high-rise statement pants for a fashion-forward look.

Michelle Keegan looked resplendent in a pleated midi skirt and topped it off with a studded leather jacket. One of my favourite looks!

Of course, throw on a blazer and a pair of tapered pants and you are ready to look like a boss- as demonstrated by Laura Baileys.

Last but not least, layer the t-shirt with another top. I like how Lindsay Lohan contrasted with a laced top underneath her slogan tee.

相信大家应该有遇到一些场合,需要穿上主办单位所分派的T-shirt,这类T-shirt没什么剪裁可言,如何穿出自己的风格?本人特别喜欢Gwyneth Paltrow出席慈善活动时所配搭的穿着,非常端庄又不失庄重。

Image credit: JustJared, Glamour Magazine UK

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