The latest member of the Creme de La Mer Moisturizing series, the Soft Cream is aptly positioned as an in-between. A softer and lighter version for those who are unable to accept the Creme’s thick consistency, the Soft Cream offers greater hydration properties for others who find the Moisturizing Gel Cream too lightweight.

Containing the same “Miracle Broth” that La Mer is famous for, the new Soft Cream is milky and fluffy, gliding easily onto the skin without having to “warm” them with your fingers as you would have done for the original Creme.

Many of you might know that I am a convert (perhaps a fan girl) of La Mer. I have been using the Moisturizing Gel Cream for a few months and I have referred to it as “the Answer” to my skin, being able to provide sufficient moisture whilst relieving irritation and soothing angry breakouts. The Soft Cream delivers the same miracles that I expected, albeit in a thicker texture than the Gel Cream that I am more familiar with.

“Soft Cream or Gel Cream?”

My vote still goes to the Gel Cream, for its ultra-light and watery texture. The Soft Cream is great for those with drier skin, or others who may prefer a more substantial moisturizer especially before bed. For those who are concerned about the “intensity” of La Mer’s moisturizers, the Soft Cream is easily absorbed and I think its delicate consistency is palatable for oily or combination skin.

If you have been plagued by problematic skin condition with no solution in sight, I would advise you to consider the La Mer Moisturizing series. With 5 different textures, there is definitely one that is suited for your skin type. I took the plunge and purchased the 30ml Moisturizing Gel Cream for a start and trust me, that was probably one of the best decisions for my skin I have ever made.

The Creme de La Mer, The Moisturizing Soft Cream and The Moisturizing Gel Cream retails at S$255 for 30ml and S$440 for 60ml.

La Mer 面霜系列最近增添新成员: The Moisturizing Soft Cream 温和型面霜。膏体介于Creme de La Mer及Moisturizing Gel之间,适合热带天气。若您觉得Moisturizing Gel过于轻盈,可尝试这新品。同样含有该品牌最知名的Miracle Broth,能够短时间内对肌肤启愈疗作用。若您的肌肤状况最近出现问题,却还没找到解决方法,不妨尝试使用La Mer 面霜系列,在5种膏体当中选择最适合自己的皮肤。

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