The two special collaborations from H&M from Anna Dello Russo and Maison Martin Margiela will be launched on 4 October and 15 November respectively.

Meanwhile, here are some unofficial photos of these collections that I have found online!

Anna Della Russo modelling her own accessories for H&M. Check out that alligator shades she is wearing!

You know what to expect from Ms ADR – very chunky statement jewellery and the reptile theme would be observed in different items, such as bangles, chokers and shades.

A photo of Maison Martin Margiela for H&M piece was published on French Elle, showcasing a hot red deconstructed dress apparently from the label. I can’t wait to see more pictures from this collection!

Image credit: Fashionologie, The Y Not Life, Fashionspot

接下来的两个月将是令人兴奋的季节,除了有春夏时装周,H&M与Anna Dello Russo及Maison Martin Margiela的特别系列分别于10月以及11月推出。现在陆陆续续已有一些照片在网上流传。不难发现Anna Dello Russo所设计的饰品如她本人的风格,非常夺目显眼。而另一边箱Maison Martin Margiela为H&M设计的系列当中的红色不规则连衣裙已在法国Elle杂志亮相。相信接下来还会发掘更多照片,让大家期盼这两项特别系列。

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