I think it all started with one random Google chat with Dottie when she told me how she really wanted to get the La Mer lip balm. I was using the product and shared my thoughts about it, along with the fact that I tried so many different brands that I have collected quite a stash of them. It was then and there we realised that after knowing each other for a few years, we do share a common interest towards something other than fashion – wait for it – Lip Balms!

But I gotta admit that she has more a more serious addiction than me and in the spur of the moment, I decided to give her some air-time here to elaborate on her love affair with these waxy chapsticks.

1. Which lip balm are you using now?

Right now I’m actually playing monogamy with my Tony Moly cherry lip balm because its great both on its own and under lipstick. But I also have this coconut scented balm from H&M (I bought it because it comes in a pretty striped tin) on hand, which I like to use more on my cuticles than on my lips. Oh, and sometimes I steal a little of my sister’s Balea (a German brand I think) cherry chap stick.

2. How many times do you apply it everyday?
I am rather OCD with my lip balm and lipstick so I try to reapply whenever I eat/drink something or if it feels as if there is nothing on my lips.

3. When did you first start to a lip balm?
I remember quite vividly that my first lip balm was a passion-fruit scented Lip Smacker, which I bought while on a school trip to Perth, Australia when I was 12. I loved that so much but couldn’t find it here in Singapore until I was much older. By then, I’ve already moved on to other balms. Too many balms, too little time!

4. Wish list?
Other than those uber luxurious balms that I’ve blogged about recently (e.g. La Mer, Sara Happ), I am hoping to finally try something from Burt’s Bees – can’t believe that I have not – especially the tinted ones because sometimes I just need a little colour. Rose is my favourite scent so I’ve always wanted to try Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm. Oh, and the Dior Creme de Rose lip balm has been on my list for the longest time, but I can’t seem to find it in Singapore!

5. Complete the sentence: If I were balm-less for a day…
my lips will probably be fine but I will feel all naked inside.

Do you have a lip-balm addiction? Share your story with us!


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