I received two new fragrances recently – one which I am more familiar with while the other is a new brand and experience for me. Both are fruity floral fragrances but of course there were marked differences.

(left) Incanto Lovely Flower by Salvatore Ferragmo, Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

Incanto Lovely Flower by Salvatore Ferragamo

I always remember Incanto for their lasting sweet scent. The new Incanto Lovely Flower boasts a youthful packaging, other than a floral explosion on the bottle, the cap resembles the brand’s signature Vara bow, in sweet pink and white!

Similar to previous Incanto perfumes, the Lovely Flower feels fruity but settles to the heart notes of rose, peony and jasmine petals before drying down to white wood and benzoin. It is an exuberant, fun and cheerful fragrance, very dreamy and romantic. I like the scent but it is so happy and fresh that I think it is more suited as a weekend fragrance for me.

Incanto Lovely Flower EDT is available at in 30 ml (S$84) and 50 ml (S$114), exclusively at Sa Sa and Sephora.

Pleats Please by Issey Miyake

Pleats Please, on the other hand, has an intriguing bottle constructed with pleats (signature of the designer Issey Miyake) to create an optical illusion like a kaleidoscope. Also a fruity floral scent, Pleats Please has a mild fruity top note of nashi (a hybrid of pear and apple) before it hits the middle notes of fresh peony and sweet pea. The base notes were most evident and I could smell the vanilla note as the fragrance dries down rather quickly.

Also a vibrant fragrance, I see Pleats Please as a slightly more contemporary but elegant option.

Pleats Please EDT is available in 30 ml (S$73), 50 ml (S$115) and 100ml (S$158) at major departmental stores.

最近收到两支新的香水,两种香气都属于水果花卉种类。来自Salvatore Ferragamo的Incanto Lovely Flower以玫瑰,牡丹以及茉莉为中心,是非常少女、 阳光的香气。日本设计师三宅一生的Pleats Please同样属于水果花卉香水,以牡丹花及香豌豆为中调。但是此香水的香草气息较明显,加上设计感强烈的皱褶香水瓶,是一个较优雅成熟的选择。

Images: LuxAsia

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