Who would have known that tucked at a corner of Sephora Ion Orchard store is a treatment room from Dior, that is aimed at offering a luxurious and pampering session for patrons?

Simply walk towards the Dior makeup counter at Sephora and enquire on the facial treatment menu, and you could be led to a treatment spa room at the back!

I was invited by Dior to try out their Instant Eye Rejuvenation treatment, which is about 60 minutes and cost S$150.

I thought it was going to be just an eye treatment, similar to a treatment at the now defunct Bliss Spa that I went to two years ago. I was so wrong because whilst Dior’s treatment is emphasised on the eye area, I was treated with massage and skincare for the whole face.

The treatment started off with double cleansing, followed by Dior’s One Essential and Eyes Essential to eliminate toxins from the skin. This was followed by an acupressure massage with the brand’s Haute Nutrition Oil. The oil is supposed soothing and nourishing, while the massage helps to tone up the eye area and improve circulation.

The last step for the treatment was a very cooling algae mask on the entire face to help calm and replenish the skin. It was initially hard for me to get comfortable with that very low temperature of the mask, although I was thankful that the beautician applied the mask slowly and gingerly. After about 10-15 minutes, the mask was removed. The beautician applied Dior’s star anti-aging skincare range – the Capture Totale – before the treatment ended. The products would help to stimulate cell longevity, as well as reduce wrinkles and pigmentation.


My eye area looked less puffy and more radiant but I wouldn’t say that the effect was long-lasting. However, I appreciated that this treatment was not just focused on the eye, but it took care of the rest of the face as well. I was also pleased that I didn’t suffer from any breakout or skin reaction from the facial treatment. While the price tag of $150 is on par with other facial treatments in the market, I think Dior’s skincare services would be best appreciated by those who use their beauty products regularly.

Dior Skincare Suite
Sephora Ion Orchard #01-05/06
Tel: +65 6509 9241

前些时候受到Dior的邀请,试了试它们的Instant Eye Rejuvenation眼部护理服务。虽然着重于眼部,Dior的美容师也没有忽略到脸部的护理。整个过程为60分钟,除了按摩,美容师也使用了Dior的海藻面膜以及Capture Totale抗老化系列的护肤品。若您是Dior护肤品的拥护者,相信一定会对他们一系列的脸部护理配套感兴趣!

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