This fall, Lancôme “Midnight Roses” makeup range invites you to be swept away by the mystical aura of Paris at midnight. Inspired by the atmosphere of Parisian nights, the brand introduces a sophisticated and feminine look, designed around the purple hue. Meandering between mystery and magic, this collection showcases nocturnal seduction through each of its “purple-tinted” dimensions.

I have tried to put together my interpretation of “Midnight Roses” with the products from this newly launched collection.

Ok, perhaps not quite “nocturnal seduction”…

The Moonlight Rose Blush Highlighter (S$70) is a visual delight and according to Lancôme’s press release, it is “like reflected moonbeams dancing on the banks of the River Seine”… How poetic!

The powder is extremely fine, and produces a decent layer of shimmer on your face. You could use it like a normal highlighter, i.e. apply at the upper “C” from the lower part of the eye to the brow bone. Alternatively, I would dust it all over the face with a loose powder brush to give a light dash of pearly radiance for a more glamorous look. There is a very fine line between radiance and shine and I’m glad that with the right brush, the powder actually creates the desirable effect of iridescence.

Clearer picture of the eye makeup (M305 Midnight Violet) with 309 Soil de Lilas lipstick.

The Ombre Hypnôse Eye Shadow in M305 (Midnight Violet) is not part of the “Midnight Roses” collection, but uncannily the purple hue was in line with the central theme of this range. I applied this colour on the eyelid, over a shimmery cream base shade. Subsequently, I lined the outer sides of my lower eye with the same deep purple shade. To add a dash of dimension, I dabbed some gold shimmer shade on the middle part of the eye lids.

The colour was very buildable and did not look as intense as it appeared to be when applied using a blending brush. I had to build several layers before I attained this slightly deeper shade.

The L’Absolute Nu (S$40) in 309 Soie de Lilas looked like a shade of bubblegum pink on me, reminiscent of Shiseido Shimmering Rouge in PK415. I was surprised that the lip colour was quite sheer and I needed to apply several layers before I achieved the actual shade. Nonetheless, the texture was smooth and moisturising.

L’Absolute Nu (S$40) in 310 Rose Damas is a wearable shade that is perfect for office, before you transform to “nocturnal seduction” mode with a deeper lipstick at night. So, I would name this look as the “Mid-day Roses” inspired look.

The lipstick in shade 311 Prune Resille (first picture), on the other hand, emerged as a lovely shade of deep red. The only disappointment is that this colour did not resemble the deep plum shade that the rouge appeared to be.

The Lancôme L’Absolu Mat Cashmere in 300 Magie Pourpre (S$40), a liquid lipstick with velvety matte finish, is also part of the “Midnight Roses” collection and would be my choice product (other than the Blush Highlighter) from this enchanting series.

兰寇秋冬季的彩妆系列名为 “Midnight Roses”, 灵感来自巴黎夜晚华丽神秘的气氛。 本人利用系列中的不同产品,试图打造热带版本的“午夜玫瑰”妆容。系列当中最令人心动的,应该是限量玫瑰纹亮粉。此外,3支新唇膏当中,为属311Prune Resille接近夜半的华丽感觉。可惜,这唇色实际上较接近深红色,而不是宣传照上的暗紫色。

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