Available from 1st November onwards, Dior’s Grand Bal Christmas Collection is an opulent, glamorous collection that is likely to be coveted by makeup lovers. One of the items from the collection that I received recently is the Diorific Vernis in 011 Lady, a pearlized white shade and I used it to create a simple ombre manicure.

The pearlised base colour is Diorific Vernis 011 Lady, with a dash of gold from Dior Golden Jungle Gold nail lacquer.

The process is extremely simple: Apply one to two coats of 011 Lady white pearl shade. When this coat is almost dry, brush a thin layer of the gold lacquer lightly and randomly, leaving the bottom part of the white shade unpainted to create an ombre effect.

I don’t think anyone can get away without sharing the cuteness of the Diorific Vernis bottle. Shaped like a Christmas ornament, this limited edition bauble is probably a makeup fan’s dream. Priced at S$40 and available in 4 shades, do grab one before it gets sold out come 1st November 2012.

For the visuals of the rest of the Christmas Collection, you may wish to check out my Facebook album.

Dior即将在11月1日推出的圣诞彩妆系列Grand Bal非常绚烂夺目。本人利用其系列的Diorific Vernis限量指甲油,加上之前推出的Golden Jungle金色指甲油,打造ombre渐层美甲。过程非常简单,大家是否喜欢这效果?


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