I am going through a “shoes” phase. I bought 8 pairs of shoes last month, and recently put two more pairs of pumps on hold. Recognising the situation of storage, I did some spring cleaning and threw away some 10 pairs of old, unwearable footwear, whilst discovering some neglected hidden gems in the process.

My point is, even with such conflicted emotions, I had the capacity to find love. A third pair of shoes has made grand entrance into my wish list and that is none other than the Tory Burch Pixie Wedge that hauls from the brand’s 2012 Holiday collection.

Although with a staggering height of 12cm, the round-toe wedges are wrapped with floral printed satin, and adorned with mixed media floral appliques. Eclectic but elegant, I think this pair of shoes is almost akin to a work of contemporary art!

The leather padded insoles would hopefully make these pair of 12cm wedges a breeze to walk in.

Priced at S$820, the Pixie Wedge is expected to hit our shores at the end of the year. Meanwhile, Neiman Marcus is selling the same pair of wedges in Black and White at US$425.

I hope Santa has heard my inner desire loud and clear!

最近的我,对鞋子似乎情有独钟。上个月一口气入手8双鞋子,之后在家里进行大扫除,“扫”走了10几旧鞋子,也找回了一些遗珠。在这时候,来自Tory Burch的Pixie Wedge迅速地虏获我的芳心,本人已将这双精美的鞋子列入梦想名单当中。艳红的印花设计,加上适量的花卉点缀,有谁能够抵挡它的诱惑?

Image credit: Tory Burch

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