I attended Uniqlo Ultra Stretch Jeans showcase on Friday and after trying on this new pair of jeans, I went home with the black one.

Now, I am craving for these jeans in Wine colour, a popular shade this Fall.

The new Ultra Stretch jeans feature a revolutionary fabric that combines incredible stretch with the ability to spring back in place and retain its shape. With these enhancements, the jeans are able to give extra lift to the back and keep our thighs firmly in place, enhancing our leg lines without looking constrictive or body hugging.

I was very impressed when I tried them on because while the fabric was stretchable, somewhat similar to the jeggings, my legs were not tightly wrapped but looked long and trim. I have many pairs of skinny jeans in my wardrobe but this is probably the one with the best fit!

Priced at $69.90, I am wondering if I need another pair of coloured jeans in my wardrobe. After all, I only get to wear my jeans maximum 3 days per week.

Meanwhile, check out the fashion spread on the November issue of Style Magazine, showcasing the jeans in four different colours for Fall. My eyes are on the Wine, of course.

优衣库最近推出新款Ultra Stretch Jeans,本人试穿之后,惊为天人,感叹这款直筒贴身牛仔裤的剪裁非常服帖但又不失腿部的曲线。虽然已经购买了黑色牛仔裤,还想再入手秋季最火的猪肝红色(Wine)。这新品目前售价为69.90新元,建议大家不妨去试穿这Ultra Stretch Jeans,看看是否与我有同感。

Image credit: Uniqlo

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