I think I might deserve a slap because this is one of the few skincare items that I have repurchased, yet I have never posted a review on it!

I started using the Bioderma Sensibio Legere (also known as the Soothing Cream and Crealine Legere) when I ran out of the Jurlique Rose Plus Moisturizing Cream. I didn’t think much of it initially and little did I know that I would repurchase this product in France as I was almost done with my first tube!

Priced at S$35.90 for 40ml (and a lot cheaper in France), this is an affordable moisturizer for those with sensitive skin.

A white, odourless gel-like cream that spreads easily on the face, I use this during the day before applying the BB cream. For those with oily skin, I believe the texture is suitable as a night moisturizer too. Aptly named as the Soothing Cream, it serves the purpose of relieving sensitive bumps while providing adequate amount of moisture to the skin. I did not suffer from any break-out while using the Sensibio Legere.

According to the press release, the Sensibio Legere increases the skin’s tolerance threshold with the exclusive Toleridine patent, which work to inhibit the skin’s release of pro-inflammatory agents as well as soothe skin. Very scientific, but I think I have less issues with acne these days – although this observation could also be attributed to other skincare products that I am using regularly.

In short, if you have sensitive skin that tends towards normal to combination with occasional breakouts, do give this Bioderma Sensibio Legere a consideration. Bioderma products are available at Guardian stores in Singapore.

使用法国品牌Bioderma Sensibio Legere润肤霜有好几个月,已经开始第二支了,赫然发现自己从没向大家推荐这护肤品!40ml的产品,价格为S$35.90,其实不算贵,而且不含任何刺激性原料,特别适合敏感性肌肤。使用这产品的期间,发现肌肤较均衡,痘痘爆发的次数也少了。Bioderma的护肤品在新加坡Guardian药妆店可购买。

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