It’s Friday and the imminent weekend makes me feel like TYPING IN CAPS AND EXCLAIMING IN EXHILARATION.

This is probably why the new tongue-in-cheek slogan bags from Kate Spade resonate so well with my mood right now. They are great conversation starters, save me some breath from articulating my thoughts and simply make me LOL (laugh out loud).

Need to grab this pouch pronto and bring it to drinks tonight. Imagine flashing this bag at the server when he brings in a tray of tequila shots!

I strongly advise that you keep this iPad sleeve away from your boss. You don’t want him to know what you were actually doing on days that you worked from home.

I also like hashtags that Kate Spade included in the slogans. Twitter culture FTW!

This is probably a more demure and sweet (literally) pouch for girly girls given that the words are assembled using colourful sprinklers!

If you can make your own slogan bag, what would the tagline be?

来自美国的Kate Spade,新品总是让我扑嗤一笑。最新的假日系列,当中有几件小包包,皆印有简短有趣的标语, 如Tequila is not my best friend (Tequila 不是我的好朋友),Spending it all in one place(把所有的钱都花在这儿了)等。这些标语大概都是我们每天心里的OS吧。若您有机会设计自己的包包,您会选择哪一句标语呢?

Image credit: Kate Spade

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