I thought my souvenir from the recent France trip warrants a post of its own, given that this is my virgin Chanel purchase.

It’s a lambskin Chevron flap bag.

I first spotted the red version at the store in Paris and my heart skipped a beat. I have been looking for a Chevron and I thought that only existed in vintage Chanel bags. I wasn’t so interested in the classic quilted design and thought that the Chevrons were more unique and stood out in the sea of luscious lambskin. Caviar leather (with gold hardware) would have been highly desirable too but it is not available for this design currently. I decided that I was equally happy with the lamb and silver marriage.

Measuring 10″ by 6″, which is closet to the Medium size of the 2.55, this new Chevron flap is unlike its vintage counterparts, given its square quilted sides and bottom.

I think it makes a neat little bag for work and night outs!


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