Some of you might be aware of my little charity initiatives that supported Star Shelter and Beautiful People. If you have been thinking of doing your part in helping women in need, here’s your chance.

All you have to do is to donate your gently worn fashion apparels and accessories, and these fashion donations will go a long way to help Star Shelter, Beautiful People and the Singapore Committee of UN Women.

If you are not aware of these 3 women’s charities, here’s a summary – UN Women advocates for gender equity, Star Shelter provides accommodation and emotional support for abused women and their children, while Beautiful People mentors teenage girls on probation to integrate them back to the society.

How to donate?

Date: 1-4 November 2012
Location: DKNY, Palais Renaissance 01-04
(Weekdays) 10.30AM – 7.30PM
(Weekends) 11.00AM – 6.00PM

Organised by Club 21, your contribution towards “Style It Forward” will benefit the women charities through Buy To Save, a charity sale organised by UN Women.

Do check out your wardrobe now! It is an opportunity to your clothes a new lease of life, and to “Style It Forward” for a meaningful cause!

或许您对本部落格所支持过的女子慈善团体,如Star Shelter 以及 Beautiful People 略有耳闻。现在,您也可以帮助这些需要我们支持的妇女们!通过”Style It Forward”,将自己较少穿的衣服以及饰品捐出去,便能够帮助Star Shelter, Beautiful People 以及 新加坡UN Women这3家慈善团体。除了能够让自己的旧衣服赋予新生命,又能帮助别人,何乐而不为?

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