It has been a while since I deviated from my tried and tested skincare routine. I am hardly adventurous with skincare these days but boy, am I glad that I gave the new Clarins Double Serum a try.

The seventh generation of the brand’s popular anti-aging product, the new Double Serum has two chambers which house the oil-based and water based components.

One pump would eject the accurate amount of oil and water, providing the optimal texture of the serum, that is surprisingly not oily for the skin. Simply warm the serum with your palms and press the serum to your face gently, allowing easy absorption.

The Double Serum targets 5 skin functions – Hydration (softness and comfort), Nutrition (suppleness and tone), Oxygenation (radiance & luminosity), Regeneration (firmness and elasticity) as well as Protection (prevention of fine lines and wrinkles).


I am in love with the texture and smell of the serum – not only is it lightweight and easily absorbed due to the optimal oil vs water ratio, there is an invigorating scent that serves as a “perk-me-up”. I only use one pump at night. While I’m relieved that this product does not break me out at all, the most immediate observation within a week of use was the suppleness and radiance of my skin. Subsequently, the skin also start to look more hydrated and rejuvenated.

At S$118 for 30ml, I think this is a worthy investment, and not that high a price to pay for a good serum. It’s best to start using anti-aging products from 25 years old onwards. And I think the Double Serum is one of the more effective products to kick off this regime.

总体来说,娇诗韵的新抗老化产品Double Serum效果令人满意。由于产品将油性以及水性的成分分开起来,只要轻轻一按,油以及水分结合起来,使精华露达到标准成分,又不会太油。每晚用上一滴Double Serum精华露即可。30公分包装价位为118新元,其实不太贵,值得一试。

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