I own a Penny Bag (also known as shoulder purse) from the Coach Classics collection and there is no doubt that it is my favourite casual bag.

One of the prominent designs from the Legacy collection, the Penny Bag is a reinvented version of the Shoulder Purse from Coach’s archive. Gold hardware has been replaced with silver ones, and a pair of leather tassels was added. The bag also has a fabric lining, as compared to the unlined classic version.

With the latest Holiday collection launch, the Penny Bags are now available in a greater variety of colours – my favourite being the Fuchsia leather one. If you prefer some patterns, go look for the Colourblock Plaid Penny!

Priced at S$425, this bag measures 20cm by 12.5cm and comes with a detachable leather strap. It could be carried as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag or a simple clutch, and is able to house my cash, keys, tissue paper, iPhone and lip balm comfortably.

Check out how some fashionable style bloggers carry this cute little purse.

Hanneli and Atlantic Pacific.

Where did you get that and The Glamourai.

Definitely the perfect classic bag to herald in the year-end parties, in my humble opinion.

本人今年上旬入手来自Coach的经典Classic Shoulder Purse。当时想要拥有一个可索性高的小皮包。没想到不一会儿,Coach推出的Legacy Collection当中,出现了一个Penny小皮包,售价425新元,款式改良自经典的Shoulder Purse,颜色选择也增加了不少。最近,Coach再次推出3款新的Penny小皮包,由亮粉红色,紫色,以及格子布料款式,令人爱不释手。由于小皮包的肩带够长,能够带在肩膀上,也能够斜着穿戴。将肩带取出,就能够当成手提的clutch。再看看世界各地时尚达人如何佩戴这Penny包,是不是让您蠢蠢欲动?

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