I have hardly been motivated with the food posts. It’s not due to the lack of culinary outlets here but many of them I have been to recently just lacked the oomph. Therefore, I simply didn’t have the impetus to share about these places.

Till Ramen Bar Suzuki, an unassuming eatery near Boat Quay, came along.

Let me first tempt you with photo of the Cardinal Red ramen, which is rather spicy but delicious!

In short, Ramen Bar Suzuki offers Tonkotsu ramen in three different options – Pure white, Cardinal red and Jet black. The menu is pretty fuss-free, you go for the basic option, or add a flavourful egg, or include a piece of Nori, chashu and so and so forth. You can also decide how flavourful you want your soup base to be, as well as the texture of your noodles.

If you were to order a bowl of ramen at lunch time (11.30am to 3pm), you will enjoy free flow of ice Oolong tea, white rice, potato salad, bean sprouts and hard-boiled eggs.

Let me go through the “freebies” first before we delve into the “main dish”.

The potato salad is a class of its own – it’s a joyful combination of mashed potato, egg white and pork. This is very addictive and probably one of the better mashed potato that I have tried. Ramen Bar Suzuki is not stingy about ingredients, there were substantial bits of pork littered in the salad.

The bean sprouts were tasty and I appreciated the contrast between the mild and refreshing bean sprouts with the thick, rich broth of the ramen.

Indeed, they provide unlimited servings of hard boiled eggs too. But these are different from the “flavorful egg” in the menu which is a seasoned egg with runny yolk.

Here at Ramen Bar Suzuki, the restaurant prides itself for being “authentic” in preparing the soup base by boiling the pork bones for many, many hours. I have tried both the Cardinal red and Jet black ramen. The Cardinal red ramen is added with chilli and miso paste, and tasted quite spicy albeit enjoyable. The Jet black one, contains squid ink and garlic. The noodles served are Hakata style – thinner and reminiscent of our favourite wanton mee.

I prefer the Jet black ramen more as the broth was so rich in flavour, which I believe was partly due to the garlic mixture. This was great comfort food to alleviate some stress that I was feeling from work that day.


I love the concept – unlimited serving of side dishes and drink, supported by excellent food quality. The side dishes were tasty and sumptuous, and the two different bowls that I had (on separate occasions, of course) were delicious. My choice of chashu ramen with flavourful egg cost about S$17.55 inclusive of service charge and tax.

Be prepared to queue for a while if you are going there during lunchtime. The queue typically moves rather fast, and anyway a comfort lunch place is always worth the wait.

最近在朋友介绍下,认识了这家位于驳船码头附近的Ramen Bar Suzuki。中午用餐,能够享受免费的土豆沙拉,豆芽,水煮蛋,以及冰乌龙茶。除此之外,此餐厅的拉面汤头是用豚骨细心熬煮,味道浓郁,令人赞不绝口。总体来说,本人觉得这家店的概念非常好,食物(包括免费的小菜)都非常美味,师傅对于食材也毫不吝啬。对于在莱佛士附近上班的人士来说,绝对是享受午餐的好去处。

Ramen Bar Suzuki
#01-01 61 Circular Rd., Singapore
Mon-Sat: 11.3oam to 10pm 

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