Happy Saturday everyone, I simply couldn’t hold back my chuckles when I came across this “dress”.

It’s an affordable Moschino dress for you and me… nope I meant our iPhones!

A silicon case made for iPhone 4 and 4S, based on the photos I believe it covers the iPhone completely, i.e. you would need to pull out your phone from the case whenever you wanna use the phone.

This could be a tad inconvenient for phone addicts but hey, it is probably the cheapest Moschino dress ever (US$75) and definitely a fun conversation starter.

If the monochrome pleated dress is not up your alley, you could go for the classic trenchcoat.

These Moschino Dress and Trench Coat iPhone case (US$75 each) are available at Shopbop.


Image credit: Shopbop

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