This is my standard office look. It’s typically a silk top matched with a pencil skirt or tapered trousers, or a dress.

Top: Bysi | Skirt: French Connection | Belt: No brand | Shoes: Hush Puppies |
Bag: Tod’s

This picture was taken by Joey at a recent Kiehl’s event held at their outlet at the new wing of Plaza Singapura shopping mall. I will probably talk about the new products later. Meanwhile, I would like to share the meaningful quote on the brick wall outside the store.

Love what you do, put your heart into it and you will be rewarded.

Such a simple statement, but we need to be reminded once in a while, yeah?

On another note, I had my caricature drawn at the event. Do you think the drawing below resembles me? 🙂

我平时上班的穿着根本都不时尚,我想最多只能称得上“得体”。最近出席了一场活动,店外的墙壁写着非常有意义的一句话:“Love what you do, put your heart into it and you will be rewarded.”意思非常简单,但是往往被我们忽略掉。的确,做任何事情都需要全心投入,必定会有收获。因此,无需被短暂的阻挠给气馁。只要真心喜欢,就一定能够走出阴霾,取得成功。

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