I have never imagined the possibility of wearing cactus on my ears but now I realised that this is technically feasible.

Take a look at this intriguing pair of earrings from Balenciaga!

Nicolas Ghesquière – who recently announced that he is leaving Balenciaga – designed the Autumn/Winter collection around the inspiration of the corporate office. Why cactus? I guess that is a common plant of choice on employees’ desks.

Dipped in the colours of dark blue and green, with black areoles that resemble edgy studs, the evident raw brush strokes almost made this a fashionable art piece. I am not sure how I can weave in such whimsical accessories into my 9 to 5 wardrobe. But a girl is always entitled to dream and have random cravings, yeah?

Priced at S$1000, if you are more serious about this than I am, you can check out this pair of cactus earrings at Club 21 (#01-09/10 Hilton Hotel Singapore).

偶然瞥见Balenciaga秋冬季的仙人掌耳环,虽然样子有些逗趣,经过Nicolas Ghesquière 的巧妙搭配,这对耳环的确让伸展台上的模特儿有更加前卫时尚的感觉。虽然说 Nicolas Ghesquière 的设计灵感来自办公室,我想,这对显眼的饰品很难在严肃的办公环境上立足。然而,若搭配轻松简单的服饰,肯定能够加分不少。

Image credit: Club 21, Fashionologie

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