Patterned and tortoise shades have in the rage for a while but this season, the shape of eyewear gets more masculine and structured.

This is why the above pair of purple tortoise shades from Miu Miu captured my heart.

A bold and very structured design that embraces masculinity, the marbleized purple pattern on the frames injected decidedly feminine and quirky effects to this interesting pair of shades. Apparently, the design was inspired by the conceptual style of the late 70s.

Check out how Chloe Sevigny rocks the Caramel version of the shades (model no SMU 05O) in Miu Miu’s advertising campaign.

The sunglasses in real life with attractive marbleized pattern that almost looks like galaxy print.

On another note, Luxottica, which distributes several brand of eyewear such as Miu Miu, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Burberry, as well as Ray-Ban and Vogue, have introduced the Asian-fitting version of eyewear here. Technical modifications on different parts of the eyewear in their current collections, such as nose pads and curvature have been introduced to fit Asian’s face shapes and facial features better.

In short, no more headache when wearing ill-fitting shades, or shade marks on the cheek bones! Remember to ask for the “Asian Fit” version when you are looking for shades or glasses from these brands.

喜欢印有花纹图案的墨镜许久,但是自己迟迟未入手。前些时候出席Luxottica预览会,接触到更多下季的花纹墨镜。当中Miu Miu这副紫色大理石花纹的镜框非常吸引人,线条方面比较阳刚,又有些复古,颠覆之前Nior系列较柔和的形状。Luxottica也在预览会上公布即将推出Asian-fit镜框。旗下品牌如Miu Miu, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Burberry, 以及 Ray-Ban 与Vogue将为品牌系列当中的镜框进行改良,推出Asian-fit版本,适合亚洲人脸形。所以,若您在戴墨镜时常有头痛或脸颊出现框痕的现象,下次购买眼镜或墨镜时,别忘了要求Asian-fit版本的镜框。

Image credit: Luxottica, Miu Miu

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