I thought I was quite done with BB Cream reviews.

And then the Ettusais BB Mineral White came along. I tried it and now it has made its way into my daily makeup routine.

Yes it is that good, in my humble opinion.

Loaded with sun protection of SPF 45 PA ++, this BB Cream is priced at S$40 for 40ml.

Available in 3 shades, I am using Shade 20, which is slightly brighter than my skin tone. A pearl size amount of the product is sufficient for the entire face.

Whilst Shade 20 is slightly lighter, it provides a good brightening effect with no grey cast. I could easily remedy the “too light” shade with a slightly darker face powder. What I really like about this product is its feather-light texture, which is perfect for the humid weather here, as well as the ultra smooth finish. I typically blend the Ettusais BB Mineral White with my fingers and I noticed how it serves as a good pore concealer and is able to smoothen unevenness and irregularity in a jiffy.

Coverage, to me, is decent. I dabbed a bit more BB cream on blemishes or scars and hardly need to reach out for my concealer.

In terms of skincare properties, the product is formulated with “AC” control oil, a soybean extract which absorbs excess sebum and protects the occurrence of acne troubles. This seems to work for me, because I have not encountered any break-out after weeks of usage! In addition, I observed that my makeup lasts longer than before, probably because the BB Mineral White absorbs oil, therefore decreasing the possibility of our foundation melting.

I usually wear very light makeup to the office and with this time-saver, I am able to skip the use of sunscreen.

If you are looking for a BB cream formulated for Asian skin tone, and suited for the tropical weather, I would issue a strong BUY rating for Ettusais BB Mineral White. I have not tried the previous Mineral Cream (pink packaging), but I would suggest that you go for the “White” version rather than its predecessor. Do let me know your thoughts if you have tried this!

虽然对艾杜纱的产品不太熟悉,它们最新的Mineral White BB霜真的使我令眼相看。除了质感轻盈,这产品也非常容易抹在脸上,不一会儿就展现柔嫩的感觉,也能够遮盖一些脸上的瑕疵。这Mineral White BB霜饱有SPF 45 PA ++,能够省掉敷防晒霜的时间。由于含有控油成分,脸上的妆在新加坡热带气候不容易溶化,较持久。若对这产品有兴趣,记得选择新款白色包装的BB霜。

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