I am pretty much the online shopper. I think more than half of my wardrobe was acquired via online purchases. My list of online stores is long and burgeoning – I have shopped a lot on eBay, or on US-based invite-only groups such as ideeli and Gilt. All my shoes are purchased from US or UK stores online – check out my recent discovery Kurt Geiger. While I have tried my hand on grabbing fashion collaborations from Target or Macy’s sites, the commonplace web stores such as The Outnet, My Wardrobe, ASOS, Urban Outfitters, Shopbop etc are also featured prominently in my bookmarks (as well as on this blog).

When PayPal suggested to sponsor shopping credits to explain the ease of shopping with them, I took the opportunity to explore another online store which I have heard so much about, but never made any purchase there.

Yes, I’m referring to ModCloth!

If you are a fan of feminine dresses for all occasions, or often find yourself on the lookout for classy picks for your 9-to-5 outfit, I would strongly recommend you to checkout ModCloth’s website.

Well known for its wide selection of quirky vintage styles, the clothes on ModCloth are inspired by the retro era; but unlike typical vintage thrift stores, the items on sale are brand new, sourced from different parts of the world, and available in various sizes.

Another unique point about ModCloth is its close-knitted atmosphere, where customers leave reviews, include photos of themselves wearing their purchases to describe the fit, the size and the fabric. I found these feedback extremely useful when I was deliberating on which item to add into my shopping cart, and to select the suitable sizes.

The website offers direct shipping to Singapore, as well as USD20 off for first time customers. Other than international credit cards, ModCloth accepts Paypal. Here are the 2 items that I purchased, using my PayPal credits.

(from left) Fashionable Finesse Top in Red (US$79.99), Let’s go for a Drive-In Dress by Yumi (US$62.99)

My new buys fit me perfectly, thanks to the detailed reviews by other members in the community. Stay tuned for outfit photos featuring these two items!

Additionally, for those who are unfamiliar with PayPal, I have drawn out a summary of pros and cons for your information.


  • PayPal is a service that offers you a faster and safer way to transact online. You can link up your credit card with your PayPal account and simply pay via PayPal when making your purchases online, so that these online merchants (or counterparty) are not able to capture your credit card or personal details.
  • This option is especially useful if you are buying from less established online merchants, or on eBay. PayPal’s “Buyer Protection” allows you to recover your full purchase price if your order doesn’t arrive or is incorrect.
  • Similarly, if you intend to sell items on eBay or other online platforms, PayPal is a good avenue for you to receive funds from all over the world. A transfer via PayPal takes just minutes, as compared to a bank transfer which takes days.


  • For the service it provides, PayPal’s exchange rate could be slightly less competitive. Nonetheless, you will be informed of the conversion rate just before you make your payment. This is unlike credit card payments, where you only know of the FX rate when the payment is cleared.

I hope my review and description of ModCloth and PayPal is helpful. For more reading materials on online shopping, do check out my posts here and here.


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