If you reckon you need some new inspiration for your nails, look no further. Finger tips were the focus for the beauty segment during the Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Week that ended last month. Here are my picks on the coolest runway nails!

Gingham nails at Kate Spade

True to Kate Spade’s whimsical style, the models had gingham manicure that matched their outfits. Created by Deborah Lippman, start off with 2 coats of Amazing Grace (opaque white lacquer), followed by the lines which you could create a stencil using tiny strips of scotch tape once the base is dry.

Blood drip nails at Prabal Gurung

This is such a great makeup idea for Halloween or Fright Night. You can apply a nude colour or base coat as you wish. Then, paint a deep red shade at the tip (ala French manicure style). Before the deep red polish dries up, use a tooth pick or a striping brush to create the dripping effect.

Pearlised mermaid nails at Joy Cioci

I love these sparkling bubbly nails from Joy Cioci show, created by CND. It has intricate texture, but is not difficult to replicate. For brides-to-be, this could be a good idea for your wedding too. Simply apply top coat, and dip your nails into a bowl of micro beads. Shake off the excess beads and work 1 nail at a time. Voila!

Galaxy nails at Nicole Miller

Nicole Miller‘s upcoming collection is inspired by sci-fi and the 80s. Certainly, the nail art matched the concept totally. CND painted a base coat of black, followed by sponging several colours – white, pink and mint green on the nails, topped off with a sparkly coat, before painting another coat of jet black to form the diamond shape. For DIY purposes, we could consider using foil/minx nail decal before applying the black lacquer – stenciled using masking tape, of course!

Black accent nails at Veda

Another possible DIY option – paint your desired coat of base colour and once it is dry, stencil a section in the middle of the nail and paint it black. Created by Butter London, they painted a holographic top coat after the matte base colour to create a “cosmic” effect, before adding the black accent.

翻阅过去的时装周发表会的照片,不难发现明年夏季彩妆趋势将以美甲当主轴。各个品牌造型师都在模特儿的指甲上费尽心思。本人挑选了自己最喜欢的5款美甲图案,大家自己也可以尝试在家里DIY。当中,Kate Spade的格子图案非常讨喜,而Joy Cioci“美得冒泡”美甲非常独特,也适合婚礼场合。

Image credit: Getty Images, CND, Total Beauty

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