A brand that was incepted in Grasse (France) and raised in New York, and all I knew about Le Labo was that it is a cult fragrance, well-liked by those in the know. Little did I realise that the brand focuses on a “freshly hand-made” concept, whereby your fragrance will be prepared right in front of you.

I was at Escentials (Paragon) to witness the making of my chosen fragrance.

As the range of perfume is unisex, each scent is rather unique and exciting. Even the naming convention follows a pattern. My choice – the Neroli 36 – meant that the fragrance consists of Neroli (oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree) as the main component, and is made from 36 ingredients.

The “recipe”. All the staff are trained to dispense the exact amount of ingredient for the fragrance.

The perfume oil were already “prepacked” into tight containers and stored in the refrigerators. I guess it would have been even better if we could see the making of the oil from the raw ingredients although that would take more than 20 minutes.

First, add the right amount of Ethanol.

Next, add ionized water.

Finally, the Neroli 36 perfume oil.


Pour gingerly.

Affix the atomiser to the bottle.

The bottle is given a final shake on the Thermo machine to ensure that all ingredients are thoroughly blended.

Stick the personalised label on the bottle.

Place it into the box.

Attach another personalised label on the box. Voila, the perfect Christmas present for you or your boy.

Read the label carefully and you will receive some wise advice:

Caution: Inflammable until dry. Do not use near fire, flame or heat. Avoid spraying in the eyes even though love is blind. Should you insist in doing so, you should be seeing a shrink.

What Le Labo says about Neroli 36:

The unique quality of our neroli is its sunny floral character with an extraordinarily warm, sensual base. Rose, musk, mandarin orange, jasmine and vanilla complete the portrait, bringing Neroli 36 spikiness, ease, zest and heat. Well-being, elegance and charm all in a bottle.

What MsGlitzy says about Neroli 36:

The fragrance was exuberant and refreshing at the beginning and quickly settled to a powdery musky note. This is a more matured fragrance – with a mix of warm freshness and cool spice. It’s complicated.

The Le Labo perfume is priced at $227 for 50ml and $345 for 100ml. Available at Escentials Paragon and Marina Bay Sands.

对香水品牌Le Labo虽然略有所闻,但殊不知他们所坚持的现做现卖原则。选择了您想要的香水之后,店员现场帮您调配,并且贴上印有你名字的粘贴纸,非常精致。我所选择的Neroli 36以橙花为主轴,一开始感觉清爽,不一会儿便散发粉粉淡淡的musk中调。宛如清新的海风但又散发一些温热。非常复杂成熟又耐人寻味的感觉,相当迷人。

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