One of my friends asked, “How do we match colours such that I look trendy and not a fashion disaster?”

Indeed, are there any rules to follow when it comes to colour-matching?

My feeble attempt with colours.

1. Pick any color on the color wheel, and match with the colour that appears directly opposite. Eg. blue and orange, magenta and chartreuse. Most of the time, the colours would complement each other, perhaps except for green and red which are both primary hues.

2. Go for the shade beside the colour on the wheel. These colours are close to each other and therefore would be in harmony. Eg. amber and orange, red and magenta.

3. If you would like to up your challenge with colour blocking, you could also select colours that are 90 degrees from each other on the colour wheel. Eg, aquamarine + yellow + vermillion, or blue + magenta + orange.

4. As a personal rule of thumb, I try to avoid wearing more than 3 colours at one go. Nonetheless, I noticed that this rule could be flouted when you are matching pastel colours.

There you go,  here is a simplified way of matching colours. Of course, fashion has no boundaries. You discover only when you try. Regardless of which colours you are wearing, you eventually need to have that dose of confidence to rock it. So, have fun and good luck!


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