If you have been cracking your head on how to DIY your holiday makeup look, I hope this video would serve you well. A couple of weekends ago, I attended a makeup workshop organised by Burberry Beauty where Larry Yeo demonstrated a holiday look using the brand’s smoky grey eye shadow palette.

[Video] Do pay attention to the way he applied the eye colours on the model, and the brushes used.


A closer view of the final look. To give attention to the smoky eye, Larry used the lip stick for the cheeks to create a natural flush, and a very gentle pink shade for the lips.



A closer at the eye makeup again. Love the intriguing mix of grey and mauve colours.

PS: Larry revealed his personal beauty pouch on MsGlitzy.com recently. Check it out!

两个周末前,受到Burberry Beauty的邀请,出席了该品牌在Tangs所举行的假日彩妆示范会。本地知名化妆师Larry Yeo采用了该品牌假日系列产品为大家介绍如何打造派对妆容。仔细看一看以上视频(Youtube),注意如何运用不同的化妆刷,或许您也能够自己化烟熏眼妆。

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