My company had a dinner & dance recently and the theme was “Movie Characters”. Here’s my stab at playing Audrey Hepburn’s iconic role at “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” – Holly Golightly.

Hello darlings!

I thought assembling the look together would be relatively easy – a little black dress, loads of pearls, an embellished hairpiece, earrings, long silk gloves and the signature cigarette holder. I was about to give up on the cigarette holder because I had no time to wait for the delivery from eBay.

I eventually found a full black one going for S$15 at a costume shop at Far East Plaza – and I bought my gloves (S$18) and tiara (S$3) there too. Such a breeze!

In terms of my makeup, I did not try to emulate Audrey Hepburn’s character per se, but intended to just maintain a clean and sophisticated look:

  • Eyes: I tried to darken my brows, contour my eyes a bit more and wore a pair of faux lashes with longer ends.
  • Face: Given that Audrey Hepburn had a pixie face, I added more contour on my cheek bones with the bronzer.
  • Lips: I deliberated about the lip colour as Holly Golightly wore a beige shade. Given that it was an evening party, I decided to glam up a bit with a matte burgundy colour from NARS (Pure Matte Lipstick in Amsterdam). As the photo was taken after the event, I had added some 8-hour cream to moisturise my drier lips which explains the gloss on the picture.

For a very detailed tutorial on how to look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I would recommend you to watch Lisa Eldrige’s video tutorial.

The hair was the toughest bit. I conceded defeat in creating my own hair bun and sought professional help instead. My simple up-do, with a little beehive at the crown, was done by Actpoint Salon at Singapore Shopping Centre (Dhoby Ghaut). Estimated cost of hair wash and styling is S$30-35.

Voila, the entire look. While I wished my gloves were longer and my cigarette holder had a more vintage design, I was pleased with the overall result which was rather easy to put together.

Try it, if you are still thinking of who to dress up as for the next party. Have fun!

公司的年尾派对,主题为“电影人物”。我的打扮受Audrey Hepburn的经典电影”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”影响。虽然当天的打扮只有5分像,由于Holly Golightly的形象真是太深入民心了,大家一瞥就晓得。妆容方面,本人选择保留主人翁高贵的精髓,但不刻意模仿Audrey Hepburn。发髻则交给专人处理,毕竟我对发型这方面真的不太擅长。

[Update Oct 2016:

I was notified that I have been featured on Everything Audrey! It was quite an honour to be placed alongside 4 other bloggers, thanks Melissa for the feature. It gave me an opportunity to remember again the fun things that I have done previously on 🙂 ]


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