Given my lifestyle of waking up at 6am, prepping my face before proceeding to my workplace where I would be engrossed from 9 in the morning to 6pm and beyond, and then heading off for some events where I need to look at least presentable, I have always been on the search for the secret to long-lasting makeup.

I wouldn’t say that I have unlocked all the secrets yet but here are some tips and products that I use to help enhance the freshness of my makeup.


If I know I will be out for an event in the evening, I would opt for liquid foundation over powder compact as the former offers better coverage and texture, and is more lasting.

Nonetheless beneath the liquid foundation, it’s best to apply a primer that will not only provide a smoother canvas for your foundation, but also make your face makeup stay longer. A tip that I learnt recently is to mix the Clarins Flash Balm (S$70) and their UV Plus Day Screen before applying the mixture on my face, followed by the liquid foundation. The result – you don’t feel like you are slapping too much heavy textured products on your skin, but your makeup do withstand the “test of time”.

Eye shadow primer

There are two products that I would like to recommend for those with hopelessly oily eyelids like mine.

The first, is the NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base (S$36), which is lightweight and effective in minimising smudging and creasing. I even use it on days when I only wear the liquid eyeliner, by applying a thin line of the product on my lids.

The second one is the Prime Time Primer Shadow from bareMinerals (S$33). This is like a hybrid product – a primer and cream eye shadow all-in-one. You can skip the eyeshadow base by just applying blending the eye colour on your eyelids. Or, you could apply this first, and layer some other eye shadow over it. This product is a god-send because it stays true for at least a whopping 12 hours without melting. Yet, it is easily removed using the Bioderma Micelle Solution.


I do touch-up after I leave office, before I go for an event. This is the time when I use the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat (S$55) as a highlighter, and to touch up on the eye bags and other areas. The texture is very light and smooth, something that I have not encountered with other products that looked similar in terms of packaging. Whilst this is more of an illuminator than a concealer, it also doubles up as an “eraser” for me, especially when I botch my eye shadow or smudge my mascaras. Mishap happens more often when you are in a rush and I am glad I found a quick fix!


Because I have very dry lips, I would only apply my lipstick just before attending an event or party. One way to ensure longer-lasting lips is to colour your lips with a lip pencil first, before applying the rouge or gloss.

Another method is to first apply the rouge and blot. Subsequently, dab a bit of face powder on the lips before applying the lipstick again.


Throughout the day, to avoid my makeup from melting, I would blot my face intermittently and spritz some facial mist. The one that I am using now is from mmerci encore, which is priced at S$22 for 60 ml.


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