I had the opportunity to attend the movie premiere of Les Misérables earlier this week. The movie is fantastic – the storyline and pace followed closely to the famous musical by Victor Hugo and I was pleasantly surprised that the star-studded cast had great vocals to boot! Imagine the manly Hugh Jackman swoon…

The movie also allowed me to take notice of the two female leads – Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. Here is a peek at what they have worn at recent appearances.

Anne Hathaway


The successful fusion of androgynous short crop and feminine cocktail dresses.


Office-worthy outfits.

She may play the pitiful and tragic Fantine in the reel, but in real life, Anne Hathaway is all sophisticated, confident and womanly in all her outfits. I find it amazing how her short crop and basic makeup oozes even more sensual appeal compared to her longer hair days. Remember “Love and Other Drugs”?

Amanda Seyfried


Amanda Seyfried is all dressed up for the movie premiere in other cities. I especially love her gold embellished gown from Alexander McQueen.


Girlish ensembles for more casual appearances.

Amanda Seyfried took the role of the adult Cosette, who is all wide-eyed and well-protected by the men around her in the movie. In real life, the actress is surprisingly versatile. She looks glamourous with her cascading golden locks and dramatic smokey eye makeup at the movie premieres. On the other hand, with her more laid-back outfits, she exudes a young, refreshing vibe.

So, who fared better?

PS: Thanks to ilovebooks.com for extending the invite to the movie premiere in Singapore.

本人有幸能够预先观赏“悲惨世界”电影。这拥有强大卡斯阵容的制作,的确非常好看,故事以及音乐都紧跟着原版音乐剧。观赏了电影版过后,开始注意两位女主角Anne Hathaway及Amanda Seyfried。相比一下这两位女明星近日的穿着打扮,大家认为谁比较加分呢?

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