L’Oréal Paris recently launched their series of nail stickers, which has stunning 3D effect. How does it compare with Sally Hansen Salon Effects?


I am using the L’Oréal Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art in 006 Python. The stickers have neat embossed effect and stunning gold accent.


Each pack consists of just 18 nail stickers in different sizes. No nail file is provided (as compared to Sally Hansen Salon Effects). The stickers from L’Oréal Paris are also thicker. The good thing is you could alway remove and re-align again if you make a mistake. Once you stick this on your nail, simply file off the excess. As the sticker is rather sturdy, you would need to use a decent nail file to remove the extra edge neatly.


The design is indeed stunning! As these are literally stickers – compared to Sally Hansen Salon Effects which were more like nail polish strips – all you need to do is to peel them off if you would like to remove them. However, I needed to be extra careful when using my nails for fear that the edge of the stickers would detach from the nails.

I personally prefer the texture of Sally Hansen’s stickers but I do appreciate L’Oréal Paris Le Nail Art’s 3D designs. The gold accents in the Python one looks somewhat holographic, and the irregular snake-skin pattern as well as embossing look really intricate, without losing its luster after a week.

The L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Le Nail Art retails at S$17.90.

L’Oréal Paris推出了3D美甲贴纸。这款贴纸的设计相当漂亮,本人使用的动物图案非常精致。与Sally Hansen Salon Effects相比,后者的贴纸比较薄,更容易附和指甲。但是,去除贴纸过程较麻烦,需要运用卸甲水。而 L’Oréal Paris的美甲贴较厚,贴上后比较容易崩开,但是去除过程非常简单,只需把贴纸撕开。两款贴纸的价位相似。L’Oréal Paris的美甲贴售价S$17.90而Sally Hansen Salon Effects则标价S$19.90(含指甲锉)。

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