I was fortunate to have met renowned makeup artist Andy Lee when shooting for the Acuvue campaign recently. Of course, I had to seek makeup advice from him!

Here are some tips and views from him that we can all learn from:

Think carefully before you say “Yes” to brow embroidery

Makeup trends is constantly evolving. Sometimes, the thin, arched brow shape could be in the rage and a few years later, perhaps thicker brows become fashionable. You probably do not want to stick to one semi-permanent brow shape.

Use eyelid sticker to create symmetrical eyes

If you have one bigger eye and another smaller eye, you use the eyelid sticker to enhance the double eye lid of the smaller eye to make both look symmetrical. The stickers make the eyelids look more obvious and therefore help to create more beautiful and contoured eyes!

How to make your eye lashes stay curled

Other than to use a lash curler, Andy prefers a “drier” mascara. When a mascara is brand new, they are too wet and heavy. Hence, he prefers to use mascara that has been used for a while and the wand has been exposed to air. Such mascaras are drier and lighter, which helps to maintain the curls.

[PS: This is a bit similar to what Larry Yeo shared previously about mascaras.]

Drugstore products can be effective too

While Andy Lee used Cle De Peau foundation and concealer for my makeup, I noticed that he used drugstore products such as L’Oréal Paris Curl Impact Collagene Mascara and Heroine Make Lash Fixer Glue (White).

I hope some of you would benefit from these 4 tips. I am definitely getting that Heroine Make Lash Fixer Glue. 🙂

最近非常荣幸能够与本地知名化妆师Andy Lee接触,本人当然抓紧机会向他讨教一些化妆小贴士。我觉得,眼妆最困难的地方,就是让眼睫毛看起来浓密卷翘。Andy Lee认为,诀窍在于睫毛膏的“湿度”。若睫毛膏太湿,会过于厚重,导致睫毛无法保持卷翘的效果。因此,他喜欢使用开封已久的睫毛膏,因为受过一些风化,质感比较干而且不会太重。他也认为,市场上一些平价的睫毛膏其实非常有效。因此,虽然Andy Lee使用Cle De Peau 的粉底及遮瑕膏,睫毛膏方面选择是L’Oréal。他也推荐来自Heroine Make 的假睫毛胶水。

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