The title could seem a tad misleading, because I just brought this pair of shoes home last week. Just don’t ask me what I am doing with a pair of 10cm heels. I couldn’t help it, as they were beautiful and comfortable at the same time. I know I can trust Rockport as my previous pair of 3 inch heels from them allowed me to survive Audi Fashion Festival with much-needed confidence and grace.


Rockport Presia Zip Shootie in Blue Exotic.


For the Autumn Winter collection, Rockport tied up with supermodel Erin Wasson for the campaign shoot. Don’t you love her casual chic ensemble, which exemplifies the exquisite leather print, and the spirit of New York?

The Blue Exotic booties is made from annaconda embossed leather, and whilst the heels measure a whopping 10cm high, the shoes are wrapped with ADIPRENE® by adidas shock-absorbent cushioning that protect the heels at impact. This sports technology works wonders and the rubber soles provide very strong grip. No embarrassing staggering as if you were wearing your little sister’s shoes!


The Presia Zip Shootie is available in 5 different designs, and Erin Wasson is wearing the Black/Gold version which exudes understated glamour.


Made of black suede and lined with gold leather trim.


Simple, chic and comfortable. Is it in your cravings list already?

The Presia Zip Shootie retails at S$169 and is now available at Rockport stores (Harbourfront, Suntec) and departmental stores islandwide.

Rockport这品牌,一向给人的感觉比较正经。鞋子的质地毋庸置疑,一眼就看得出是能够令脚底舒适的款儿。本人也拥有几双Rockport的高跟鞋,它们的独特ADIPRENE®设计,让我抛下对于高跟鞋的恐惧,而且没有脚疼得问题。但是,这品牌设计方面一向中规中矩,往往与时尚挂不上钩。今年秋冬,Rockport与超级名模Erin Wasson合作拍摄宣传照,场景设在时尚之都纽约。Erin Wasson所身穿的Presia Zip Shootie短靴鞋跟是10公分那么高,但是ADIPRENE®脚垫让人能够轻松走动。最重要的是,这短靴得设计非常入流,尤其是印有蛇皮图案的Blue Exotic款式,简直令人爱不释手。你看了以上Erin Wasson的照片,是否也有同感?

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