Many people might have the impression of Victoria Beckham as the woman who never smiles. Nonetheless, in terms of sartorial sense, there are little nuggets that we could take a leaf out of her book. It is interesting to note that Posh seems to be exuding more career woman chic in the recent years, given her new identity as a designer behind her own brand.

How to wear orange

Go for a good fit, and match the bright colour with neutral shades such as black or navy.

Mix and Match

Victoria Beckham offers us some inspirations for office mix-and-match. Even a simple monochrome outfit (far right) looks so chic when it is fitted.

Go black

Indeed, when in doubt, wear Black. To look chic in one single colour, try playing with texture. For instance, Posh matched a boxy belted top with a pair of skin-tight leather pants to create a marriage of two different forms and materials.

Casual Friday

For casual Fridays, you could go a simple dress with a slightly shorter hemline, or a silk blouse (which you could wear on normal work days) paired with well-cut jeans.

So comparing Olivia Palermo with Posh Spice, who do you think exude more “corporate chic”?

Victoria Beckham随着自己设计师的身份越来越成熟,打扮也开始展露大将之风,抛开以前偶像的穿着,倾向成功职业女性的形象。在她不同的穿搭当中,我们能够吸收一些哲学。在职场上除了打扮得体,若能加入一些属于自己的时尚元素,更能够让同事们更加了解您。而且每天上班时穿得漂亮有自信,岂不是成功的一半?

大家比较Victoria Beckham以及Olivia Palermo的outfits,谁的style比较合您心意呢?

Image credit: Just Jared

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