beautypouchiris1The second target of our “beauty pouch revelation”  is Iris Chai, Assistant Brand Manager of Shiseido, based in Singapore.

Having known Iris since my very first encounter with Shiseido, this affable lady has been working at the company for more than 5 years, constantly keeping us abreast of the company’s new products and updating us with information on the latest season’s makeup trends and looks.

Of course, other than chatting about makeup, we had spent time talking about our common interests such as traveling, shopping and just life in general. My first question to Iris when I invited her for this series was somewhat made in jest. But yes, I am nosy like that.

“How many Shiseido products do you have in your beauty pouch?”



I usually only carry around quick touch-up tools. The base products are usually kept at home as I apply my makeup at home and only touch-up when I am out.  5 items… that’s the number of products I have for the eyes alone!


Maquillage True Eye Color
I use more of the beige as a base and the dark grey as a liner. I only use the purple shade occasionally, sometimes to line the inner corners of my lower lash line.

Shiseido Makeup Shimmering Cream Eye Color in Caviar
The extremely intense black makes it good enough as a liner for me. The smooth texture makes it easy to create a smokey finish too. Very versatile for the different looks various events and occasions.

NARS Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base
As I have oily lids, colors don’t usually last well on me. With this base, my colors comes out a lot stronger and lasts a lot longer. I usually put on my makeup at 7am and would usually have it on till 8 or 9pm. With this, my eye colors stay fresh even after 14 hours!

Shiseido Makeup Nourishing Mascara Base
This base volumnises my fine lashes and keeps it curled all day. It also helps to nourish and lengthen my lashes.

Ettusais Bitaba
This product gives the lashes a very defined, non-clumpy finish with lengthening effect. I’m big on lashes, but still prefer to look natural, so this gives the perfect balance.

Ettusais Lip Essence
This is my favourite product and I use it daily. I’ve been through many tubes of this as it hydrates lips instantly and gives lips a very healthy glossy finish.

Shiseido Makeup Perfect Rouge – Dragon (RD514)
This is my all-time favourite go-to lipstick. It is a bold shade of red and I love the ultra-hydrating, long-lasting finish.

Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer
Most of my makeup bases are from Cle de Peau Beaute. The concealer has extremely good coverage and is easy to blend for the perfect finish. It has been 6 years since I’ve started using this.

Ettusais Quick Fix Powder
For touch-ups, I prefer not to use foundations as they could be too cakey. I would reach out for the Quick Fix powder as it mattifies without giving a cakey finish.

Shiseido Makeup Camellia Compact
This all-in-one blusher helps me to create different finishes with the different shades. The white shade helps in highlighting.


I’ve bought what I wanted this Christmas, which is the NARS Andy Warhol Silver Factory set!

Thanks Iris for unveiling the items in her adorable Marc by Marc Jacobs cosmetic pouch! Having gone through her long list of must-have, did any item caught your attention?  Anyway, stay tuned for this series next week and feel free to send your comments!

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本周“我的化妆包秘密”系列请来新加坡资生堂品牌代表Iris Chai与我们分享她究竟有拥护资生堂以及旗下品牌的产品。单单眼妆部分就使用了5种产品,而且个个都是不可或缺的。当然,脸妆以及唇彩也是不可缺少的。本人对于Ettusais Quick Fix Powder这类散粉颇有兴趣,听说用来补妆不会太厚,看起来非常自然,又能够有效去除脸上的油渍。

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