larryeo1aIn this final guest post for the “What’s in My Beauty Pouch” series, I am delighted to invite popular makeup artist, Larry Yeo, to reveal his daily favourites!

Recently crowned by Elle Singapore as the “Makeup Artist of the Year”, Larry’s works are often seen on top glossies in Singapore. He has been involved in several fashion shows, and has worked with several beauty brands for their makeup demonstrations and presentations.

Many of you might also remember him as the makeup artist who appears with Youtube Makeup Tutorial Sensation cum Extraordinaire Golden Tan in a series of Youtube videos by Maybelline.

Larry revealed he usually carries a massive makeup bag or trolley with various cosmetics and shades when he is out on the job. That sounds like a treasure trove to a makeup addict, I am pretty sure. But for the purpose of this series, he shall show us what goes into his personal vanity pouch and trust me, it’s not all about makeup!


“There are actually a lot more products in my pouch but I had to ‘edit’ them out so that the photo do not look so cluttered. I would also carry lip glosses, mini mascaras, concealers, eyeliners, nipple tapes and blush – just in case there is a makeup emergency!”


Ventoline puff and first aid kit
These items are of utmost importance because I have asthma and bad allergies.

Urban Decay Naked Foundation
This foundation helps to make me look refreshed and radiant, because I look tired most of the time.

Bioderma Sunscreen Photoderm AKN Mat SPF 30 Sunscreen
This is how I maintain my youth… Haha! Sunscreen is an important step to anti-aging and this product has a matte finish, therefore great for oilier skin.

Assorted lipbalms – 
PURE Nutraceuticals PawPaw Ointment
Badger Baby Balm
Kiehl’s Lip Balm
These multi-task as makeup remover, moisturiser, body cream, hand cream. Miracles packed in a tiny package!

Balenciaga Paris purse spray
Everyone should pack a small perfume spray on-the-go because one should never smell bad.


For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-cellulose Mask
I’m not greedy, perhaps Santa can send me 8 boxes of this to last me for a long while…

Thanks Larry for revealing some of his beauty and makeup secrets! I love the handsome Coach men’s leather clutch that he doubled up as a vanity bag. 😉 

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“我的化妆包秘密”系列最后请来本地著名化妆师Larry Yeo公开自己的私人化妆包。里头除了有美容以及化妆品之外,也放了医药物品。值得一提的是,Larry的Coach皮包里头,装了3种不同品牌的护唇膏。因为,护唇膏除了能够保护双唇以外,还有卸妆、润肤、以及滋润双手及身体的作用。没想到,小小的护唇膏,里头装了满满的功效!

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