I am aware that my birthday is over. But if you are my friend and you are reading this, can you get me this cake next year please?

Ombre cake. [credit]

Ombre outside, ombre inside.

Since we are at it, here are some other cakes and desserts that would tantalise my senses. (Hopefully yours too!)

Hello Kitty macarons. [credit]

Cake pops! [credit]

Swiss roll with polka dots and heart shape core. [credit]

Floral cupcakes. [credit]

This is apparently a “cupcake tower”. [credit]


看见以上漂亮可口的甜点,是否肚子开始饿了? 看这些食物都装饰得这么漂亮,我也不忍心破坏。圣诞佳节即将来临,可乘现在想想该定做什么样的甜点吧!

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