Other than retailing designer brands at discount, The Outnet has now launched its own label Iris & Ink. This collection comprises of mostly “wardrobe essentials” for the modern woman.

With photos from their upcoming Spring 2013 collection, perhaps it’s time for us to check what’s missing in our corporate wardrobe!

1. Peplum Top


It goes well with pants, and looks good with a pencil skirt. The flared peplum also conceals bloated tummy or “muffin top”. I would vote this as one of the best fashion designs ever!

2. Shirt Dress


A shirt dress is the perfect corporate outfit on a lazy day, because no planning or mix-and-matching is required.

3. Lace Blouse


A lace blouse, especially the ivory one, is versatile. They are great for work and you can dress down for casual day outs. The trick: look for a lace top of good quality and intricate details. The price may be on the higher side, but you can get a lot of mileage from it.

4. Bright Sweater


If most of your skirts and pants are dull-colored, a bright, fitted sweater would be an ideal purchase to complement most of them. The fit is essential in creating a smart and clean corporate look. Hence, I would steer clear of oversized sweaters.

5. Pencil Skirt


I have known a few heavy-bottomed ladies who shun pencil skirts, as they believe such designs would amplify their weaknesses. True that – but with the right colour, cut and underwear (Spanx!), no one should be denied a chance to rock such skirts, which could help to shave some inches off our frames.

现代上班族衣柜的必备应该是什么?本人认为腰间荷叶边(peplum)上衣,长袖连衣裙,蕾丝上衣,亮色合身毛衣以及铅笔裙都是大家应该拥有的服饰。通过The Outnet自创品牌Iris & Ink的春夏lookbook,大家可以瞧一瞧如何搭配,取得一些穿搭窍门。

Image credit: The Outnet

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