A reader, Sani, recently asked me if I could suggest which colours she should wear to match with her new sneakers.

Here are the colours on her hi-top sneakers. I have posted the picture on my Facebook page, you can check out the shoes and other responses here.


Given that the sneakers are quite casual, the outfits that I have put together are meant for casual day outs.

1. Match the colours of the shoes


I arranged two outfits matching the three main colours of the sneakers. The first outfit on the left comprises of basic pieces that we can find in our wardrobe – blue jeans, a light yellow tank (you could change that to a white one if you do not have yellow) and a grey jersey boyfriend blazer.

The second outfit on the right is of the similar concept – essentially going matchy-matchy with the shoes. Given that the colours of the shoes are light colours, the neutral shades to match with should be grey and white. I would avoid black colour.

2. Pastels


Take a stab at color blocking pastels. In this case, the colours do not need to be blue and yellow but you could consider peach, light pink, mint and violet. Mix and match different pieces of light pastel shades, and together with the shoes, they will look rather blended together. You can even throw in an accent piece – eg. a printed scarf or a slogan bag to stand out from the soothing sweet colours.

3. Dresses


Don’t be afraid to wear your sneakers with a dress. To exude a sporty look, go for a casual dress of a shorter length. Try to go for colours that go with your shoes, or even plain colour casual dresses if you are afraid to make too much of a statement. Stripes help to create a sporty look and feel, so feel free to match your hi-tops with a casual striped dress!

4. Prints


We could also attempt to match bold prints with the shoes too. You could stay closer to the colour scheme of the shoes, or coordinate a plain piece with a printed separate.

Any other ideas? Which is your favourite?

日前,一名读者寄了封电邮给我。她最近受到一双新的休闲鞋子,浅蓝色加上淡黄色的搭配 (Facebook链接),非常可爱。可是她不太晓得应该如何配搭服饰,因此希望我能够给予她一些建议。以上几张图片就是我所提出的意见,当中也包含其他读者的看法。大家觉得这样的搭配法可行吗?

Image credit: Polyvore

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