I have mentioned this product before but I thought I could post a more detailed review, as well as showcase the different colour options available.

Indeed, if you have oily eyelids and your eye makeup doesn’t stay through the day, you will probably like the Prime Time Primer Shadow from bareMinerals. This is a hybrid product – a primer and cream eye shadow all-in-one.


I bought a full-size (3ml) Primer Shadow in “Urban Nature” shade from Sephora at S$33. Later, I saw the set of 5 Mini Primer Shadows on Drugstore.com at bagged it immediately. This set, known as “Strike It Rich” consists of 5 colours at 1.5ml each, and was priced at only US$18.


The shades I have purchased are all neutral shades, which are great for everyday use. As you can see from the photo, the cream eye shadows are silky smooth, pigmented and spreads easily. My favourite everyday shade is “Sundance” – which is a shimmery peach shade. This colour is subtle, but gives a wee bit of emphasis and sparkle to the eyes.


In the above picture, I simply applied a thin layer of the “Urban Nature” shade on my bare lids. This shade is an interesting blend of metallic plum and moss. You could wear the colour as it is, or use it as a base and layer on other eye-shadows to create your desired look. I usually blend with my fingers and application is a breeze.

The most important reason to purchase the Prime Time Primer Shadow is that it is crease-proof, smudge-proof and long-lasting. You can brave 8 hours with this product and not worry about your eye shadow being reduced to a messy melted state. Simply blot the eye area intermittently throughout the day to keep the pristine condition of your eye makeup.

If you share the same woes as me, do check out this product! You could either purchase them at Sephora stores in Singapore, or online at Drugstore.com and BareMinerals.com.

您的眼皮是否经常出油,导致眼妆无法持久?本人就有这样的困扰,往往只能在出席重要场合之前才化眼妆。最近发掘了来自bareMinerals的 Prime Time Primer Shadow,这神奇的产品能够将问题迎刃而解。这产品,既是眼影,也是打底霜。因此只要轻轻抹上,颜色便能够持久,不会应为眼皮出油而融化。Prime Time Primer Shadow有不同颜色的选择,相信这是许多女生的救星!

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