So, 2012 had ended, it’s time to make resolutions again. I have taken the liberty to come up with 4 resolutions that we can try to keep, to stay chic and fabulous throughout the new year!


1. Get out of your comfort zone, stylewise

A new year warrants a fresh start, sartorialistically speaking. It could be wearing more colours, or matching prints. The same applies to our make-up. Pick up a new colour palette, or try a bold lip shade. To ease ourselves out of our usual style, perhaps we can incorporate one new element everyday.

2. Exercise

I have never been a runner in my entire life but I finally got started with jogging in 2012 and it feels good! Depending on personality, some people prefer to take a disciplined approach to push themselves to get better at each run. As for me, I tried to make it fun and relaxed and therefore I am not so goal-oriented when it comes to jogging, preferring to focus on little progress each time. The key to getting yourself started with an exercise regime is companionship – so gather some like-minded friends and colleagues to exercise together!

Of course, although we are focused on getting healthy and sweating it out, we still need to attempt to look good.

3. Invest in your wardrobe

It is fun making purchases and chasing fashion trends without burning a hole on the wallet, but sometimes we ought to splurge on an investment piece. This item could be a timeless piece – therefore of decent quality to stand the test of time – or it could be an interesting fashion buy, such as an artefact of history or ethnic culture. Value-for-money is sometimes a relative concept, therefore as long as we can justify the purchase, go for it!

4. Stay true to your skincare regime

There are times where I would get lazy and skip skincare altogether before I go to bed. This is such no-no and I am resolute about staying commited to my regime this year.


 Image credit: Dior

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