As part of my 2013 fashion resolutions, I decide to attempt bolder makeup colours that I would never imagine myself wearing. My inspiration for this look – the Lomo Fisheye Baby Bauhaus that I managed to get hold of recently.

The key colours were blue, yellow and red. All primary colours!


I decided to blend blue and yellow together for the eyes, with turquoise as the base, yellow for the inner eye and blue for outer area. The yellow shade from Shiseido eye shadow doesn’t come out very strongly so I had to dab lots of time to get better saturation. Perhaps I could applying it wet next time?


Decided to match with a pair of more dramatic lashes (Shu Uemura Farfallina) and top it off with a bright red lip colour from NARS. Drama mama!


Not forgetting the little details – painted my nails yellow too!


The colours that I used for the entire look. This is somewhat experimental, so I am not sure whether I can really get out of the house looking like this?

On another note, I have been snapping with the cute little Fisheye Baby Bauhaus. I can’t wait to finish up the film! Will definitely share the pictures if they look decent enough, but meanwhile you can check out my past lomo shots here.

受之前定下新年决议之启发,决定尝试自己以往所没有考虑过的彩妆颜色。使用蓝,黄与红,恰巧于Lomo Fisheye Baby Bauhaus相机的颜色一模一样。拿它当拍摄道具最恰当不过了。虽然做了前所未有的尝试,目前本人还是没有勇气化得这样五颜六色地踏出家门。下回吧!

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