Founded by Alli Sim, a former Beauty Editor and currently a marketing communication professional, Mmerci Encore brings you a bespoke, holistic and natural bath and skincare experience. Every product under this name, which means “Thank you again” in French, is produced using botanical ingredients sourced from all over the world, but blended and packaged by hand in her aromatherapie atelier located in Singapore.  There are also no preservatives, parabens, sulphates or other debatable chemicals added.

The “au naturel” approach extends to the packaging – even the ingredient list in the packaging label is handwritten.


(from left) Camomile and Rose Facial Mist (Invigorating), Mandarin Lip Balm and Organic Sugar Body Scrub (Awakening)

Camomile and Rose Facial Mist (S$22 for 60ml):  I use this pure camomile and rose demascena water every morning before and after makeup, as well as on days when my skin feels dry. The scent of camomile and rose is mild and soothing. I found it a tad light and wished that there was a higher weightage of flower essence.

Mandarin Lip Balm (S$35): I love the smooth and buttery texture of the balm – some lip balms can be waxy but this one from Mmerci Encore isn’t. The zesty mandarin scent is  addictive that sometimes I would just open up the tin, place the balm close to my nose and inhale. True story.

Organic Sugar Body Scrub (Awakening) (S$40 for 60ml): This is my favourite product from the trio. The “Awakening” blend is stacked with geranium bourbon, citrus top notes, as well as detoxifying ginger and grounding patchouli essential oils. When you open up the jar, the rush of scent from the blend of essential oils is rejuvenating and enduring. A bath with this body scrub is an enjoyment because you can immerse yourself in the invigorating fragrance, as well as gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin with small scoops of organic sugar. I reward myself with this little bath treat once or twice a week after a tiring day at work.

Verdict: I love all of them, especially the body scrub! In fact, I would love to sniff other scents, or customise my own blend. With the absence of preservatives, most products should be stored in cool and dry environment and used within 3 to 6 months. Given that all items are lovingly produced by hand and made-to-measure, you might need to factor in some lead time when you place an order with Mmerci Encore.  But trust me on this, it is worth the wait!

若您已经厌倦了市场上千遍一律的沐浴以及护肤品,已经开始中了初老症第37条之“开始关心产品成分、制造商以及尝味期限”(是的,本人最近开始也迷上了‘大仁哥’),相信您会非常赞同本地独立品牌Mmerci Encore所秉持的原则。Mmerci Encore的沐浴以及护肤品都是纯手工制作,使用天然有机原料,不含防腐剂等化学物品。本人尤其喜欢有机糖身体磨砂膏,其精油香味浓郁,有振奋心情的效果。

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